Volume 04

For ensuring the safety and production control on gassy mines the monitoring and control systems are used which enable permanent monitoring and management of a mine by inspection service and production dispatcher. The goal of this project is to create an intelligent model of safety control and, with suitable software, to verify its behavior (e.g. program Graf_Síť). Further, this intelligent model of safety control is to be tested on monitoring and control system MTA 11.00 in the Paskov Mine, plant Staříč. The intelligence of this solution consists in the fact that the measured values will be utilized for deduction of further information which will not be obtained by direct measuring but follow from mutual relationships of automatically measured values. It is necessary, for fulfilling of the above mentioned targets, to analyze the existing state of monitoring and control systems in underground mines. Further, to carry out the complex analysis of monitoring and control system MTA and, subsequently, to go to proposal of algorithm of switching in monitoring and control system with relation to network model of a mine. In a simplified way but accurately the target of this project can be characterized as proposal of the system which would evaluate all information obtained from a mine and related to safety nearly so well as if it is done by a man who monitors permanently the computer terminal in dispatching

Vladislav Vančura